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Photo-a-Day: Week 1

As one of my goals for 2012, I have decided to take a picture a day. I love everything about photographs: colors (or lack thereof), composition, macro, wide angle, panoramic, infinite sky, editing, and everything else that comes along with taking a picture.

Initially I was going to take a picture with my digital SLR every day, but because I don’t carry around my camera everywhere I go, I have decided that my iPhone or small point and shoot camera suffice when the SLR is not an option.

I will experiment with different shooting tactics, flashes, long exposure, editing tools, etc. Some photos will be good, some photos not so much. The point is not to love every single photo I take. The point is to make time to do something I love, and to enjoy doing it – maybe even to learn something along the way.

Every Friday, on my other blog, RachelHelen (wow, I really need to come up with a more creative title than that), I post my favorite Tweets from that week. I figure, instead of posting the same thing on both blogs, I will do my Photo-a-Day post on this blog. It’s stupid for me to write a different post for every photo, so I will just post all 7 (or 6, or 8, depending on whether I’ve taken my Friday photo at the time of publication or not) for that week at one time. I will incorporate some fun Tweets that made me happy throughout the past week in there as well (the links on RachelHelen are mostly professional Tweets… I will try not to have any crossover).

Anyway, here we go. Photo-a-Day, Week 1:

January 1

January 1 - The girls celebrating New Year

January 2 - In-N-Out (Just made it - This photo was taken between 12am and 1am on Jan 2 hehe)

January 3 - Delicious, fresh salad from food in my parents

January 4 - night time books


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