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Out of respect for those I write about in my blog, I will be using pseudonyms for just about all of the people I include. However, my family is kind of confusing so giving you a sort of family and friend tree will be the best way to keep track of all the characters. Also, because my big sister Caitlin has a blog of her own, Two Cubed, I will try to follow some of the same names she uses in her blog for those of you who follow both. Some of the names have stories behind them, and I’m sure I will eventually get around to telling you those stories, but for now, I’ll keep it simple. I’ve never done this before, so let me know if you’re confused about something and I will try to rearrange/explain it better. And, without further adiu, the characters: Dad’s Family

  • Frito Bandito – dad, the teddy bear, only man in his house with five women
  • Eco-Mom – step-mom (Caitlin’s mom), AP Environmental Science teacher, crafter
  • Caitlin – big sister (well, step-sister), high school choir teacher, traveler, crafter, one year and a day older than me
  • KB – little sister #1 (well, step-sister), studying geology and environmental sciences, shopper, always up for a good time
  • Pookie – little sister #2 (real sister, daughter of Frito Bandito and Prey), studying on the other side of the country, helper of others, lover of all things Disney

Mom’s Family

  • Prey – mom, first generation American (German and English), traveler, scrapbooker, beginning photographer
  • Piffy – step-dad, scientist, traveler, sailer, photographer
  • Pookie – little sister #2 (again), see above
  • Philo – big brother #1 (well, step-brother), philosophy professor, lover of education, vegetarian
  • MJD – big brother #2 (well, step brother), daddy of MJ, always up for a good time, meat eater
  • MJ – niece, daughter of adorable, little princes, lover of dresses and playing, eater of ice cream


  • Raul – best friend, ex-roommate, lover of ER, watcher of all shows I love, fashion guru
  • S’more – ex roommate, lover of How I Met Your Mother, boyfriend for 3 years, drinker of wine
  • TK – theater kid, lover of camp, friend with her life more together than the rest of us
  • MC – newest friend, lives close, knows Raul and TK, lover of San Francisco, always fun
  • Kayrra – future nurse practitioner, healthy eater, fellow shopper, lover of serious conversations
  • Komakost – future lawyer, lover of serious conversations
  • KMack – future dietitian, exerciser, amazing physique, eater of cauliflower, always up for a good time
  • KMill – lover of animals, too far away (San Diego), always fun, fashion guru
Please note: I came up with some of these names rather quickly, they will probably change, but only once if they do.

One thought on “Characters

  1. Stephanie on said:

    Love this. Can’t wait to see you this weekend!

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