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Places I’ve Been

As I mentioned in my “Places I Want to Visit” list, once I have visited those places, I will cross them off of that list and add them to this list (and hopefully include a few pictures from each, as well as a blog post so that I can share with you, my wonderful reader, just how amazing that trip was. Oh, and maybe include some travel tips for when you get to visit there too!) I love traveling to places where I can take pictures, learn about history, hear great stories, eat delicious food, shop (duh.) and experience things from different cultures. I’m very lucky that I have the opportunity to visit cities all around the world. In fact, I haven’t thought about it until now, but I’m one of the few who can call traveling a hobby rather than a work thing or a once in a lifetime opportunity. That’s pretty amazing.

Many of the places on this list will be listed as cities, rather than countries, and there is a reason for that. The reason is that, after I studied abroad in Spain, I realized that there is absolutely no way to experience everything a country has to offer by just visiting one or two cities. Just because I lived in Valladolid, and visited Madrid, Barcelona, and Sevilla, doesn’t mean that I got the whole experience of Spain. Each city in each country has something unique to offer. The population, the cultural values, the food, the night life – it is all different in every city. Yeah, I spent three months living in Spain, but there is so much I’d still love to discover about that country. Hence the cities, not the country.

So, here we go:

  • London, England (Summer, 2003)
  • Paris, France (Summer, 2003)
  • Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (Summer, 2003)
  • Cabo, Mexico (Summer, 2006)
  • Juneau, Alaska (Summer, 2007)
  • Budapest, Hungary (November, 2008)
  • Kecskemét, Hungary (November, 2008)
  • Beijing, China (July, 2009)
  • Shanghai, China (July, 2009)
  • Valladolid, Spain (September-December, 2009)
  • Madrid, Spain (September, 2009)
  • Burgos, Spain (October, 2009)
  • Barcelona, Spain (October, 2009)
  • Segovia, Spain (October, 2009)
  • Zurich, Switzerland (October, 2009)
  • Sevilla, Spain (October, 2009)
  • Granada, Spain (October, 2009)
  • Salamanca, Spain (November, 2009)
  • Rome, Italy (December, 2009)
  • Florence, Italy (December, 2009)
  • British Virgin Islands (July, 2010)
  • Costa Rica (August, 2010)
  • Prague, Czech Republic (March, 2011)
  • Munich, Germany (March, 2011)
  • Ghost Ranch, New Mexico (July, 2011)
  • Copenhagen, Denmark (November, 2011)

As I was making this list, I realized that I have been a lot of places inside the United States that many people haven’t been to. I don’t normally count those as my “travel destinations” so they are not on this list. If it is somewhere like San Francisco, I’m not including it because I live there and that’s kinda silly to include it on my travel list. The small cities that I’ve lived in or drive through don’t count either. This is a destination travel list. So… yeah.


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