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Things I Want to Accomplish Personally

This is a list of things that I want to accomplish in my personal life. Right now, my personal and professional lives are kind of intertwined, so you might see a few things from this list also listed on “Things I Want to Accomplish Professionally” as well. Preferably, as a continue to learn and check things off of this list, more things will come up that I want to accomplish – new things to learn, new sites to try, different skills to practice, etc.

Because my  new year’s resolutions never really work for me (I always give up, or forget about them, or stop doing them for one reason or another) I figured I would come up with a 101 in 1001 list. 101 in 1001 is a list of 101 self-improving solutions that I will complete in 1001 days. My list consists of things that I think will make my life better, make me a stronger person, or just things that I want to accomplish. I started this list on my old blog, but it fell to the wayside when I stopped updating that blog. So, I figured I’d start it again and see how far I can get. So this is my list – I am starting today, December 16, 2011 which means that I should have everything on this list completed by September 12, 2014. My blog will track my accomplishments, and every time I finish something on the list, I will cross it off and put the date it was completed.

We will see how this goes. If it doesn’t work, I might just make this a list of things I want to accomplish personally, without a time frame.

Have any ideas of things I should add to my list? Let me know! I love hearing what people have to say.

  1. Finish my 101 in 1001 list
  2. Read at least one book for pleasure every month for a year
  3. Read at least 5 books from the New York Times Best Seller list and Oprah’s Book Club per year (see “Book List” – under construction)
  4. Visit important sites from WWII in Europe, including concentration camps – I’ve been to one, but I want to go on a tour of Berlin and see where my family comes from
  5. Get a job after college graduation
  6. Save at least 1/3 of each paycheck I received
  7. Do something important – something that matters and is selfless
  8. Send postcard(s) to Post Secret
  9. Make new friends – in progress
  10. Visit Las Vegas – I’ve been but I want to go again
  11. Cook more
  12. Eat Healthier
  13. Stop biting nails – in progress (needs to become habit)
  14. Donate a good amount of money to a good cause
  15. Take vitamins every day – in progress (needs to become habit)
  16. Do five things that scare me
  17. Learn how to sew (more than just aprons)
  18. Finish my Spain scrapbook
  19. Wear more “stylish” everyday clothes (not just jeans and t-shirts) – in progress
  20. Write more handwritten letters
  21. Watch at least 10 movies that I haven’t seen from AFI’s top 100
  22. Make this blog worth reading – in progress
  23. Write a letter to the Glamour magazine editors
  24. Purge on all the unnecessary things I have in my rooms at my parents’ houses – in progress
  25. Have something of mine published in a magazine or newspaper
  26. Become fluent in Spanish
  27. Spend more time with my family (sisters, cousins, parents) – in progress
  28. Go on more photo shoots
  29. Learn how to use my digital SLR to its fullest capabilities – in progress
  30. Use my old manual SLR camera to take more black and white pictures
  31. Develop black and white pictures in a photo lab
  32. Develop/purchase a stylish work wardrobe
  33. Answer “50 questions that will free your mind”
  34. Make cupcakes from scratch
  35. Send myself a postcard from every destination I visit (needs to become habit)
  36. Move to a new city/state
  37. Transfer more money into my savings account than out
  38. Participate in Operation Beautiful
  39. Track finances
  40. Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day
  41. Organize e-mail account
  42. Organize iPod – delete unwanted and duplicated songs
  43. Find a personally inspirational quote and work it into a piece of art or home decor
  44. Try a new recipe a month, for a year
  45. Do more craft projects – in progress
  46. Keep room organized – in progress (needs to become habit)
  47. Make a habit of making the bed every morning
  48. Make a habit of following the 1 minute rule (anything you can accomplish in 1 min or less, just do it! Such as putting away shoes, or putting a book back on the correct shelf.) 
Things I had accomplished on my previous 101 in 1001 list, but can no longer be on my new 101 in 1001 list because, well, I’ve already done them (yay)! Actually, another reason something will be on this list is because it just doesn’t pertain to me anymore, mostly because I’ve lost interest in doing whatever it was.
  1. Visit Pookie at Penn State – completed in October, 2011

    Me and Pookie at the Penn State football game (pre-Sandusky scandal)

  2. Don’t move back in with my parents after graduation – didn’t accomplish this one, oh well!
  3. Visit the Lennon Wall – completed March, 2011
  4. Experience a Flash Mob – completed on February 15, 2011
  5. Win a giveaway on someone else’s blog – not important to me anymore
  6. Buy an updated digital SLR – completed on June 11, 2011 (grad present from my mom)
  7. Subscribe to Glamour magazine – completed on January 12, 2011
  8. Graduate from college – completed on June 11, 2011

    college graduation - June 11, 2011

Let me know your thoughts

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