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Good and Evil

I receive an inordinate amount of email. If I were to read every single email I get on all my accounts and reply to all the ones requesting responses I would never stop emailing.

That being said, I also opt to get many of these emails by signing up for automated email services. That’s how I receive a lot of news, stories about my clients, shopping deals and information about books I want to read when I have time (which is never).

One of my favorite emails every day is from Goodreads – a website for rating books and finding other books you’ve never heard of based on your favorite genres. I receive the Goodreads Quote of the Day email which generally includes quotes from famous authors who either have a birthday, death day, book-aversary or some other connection with the date.

I absolutely loved today’s quote so I figured I’d share it with you – I think it provides a lot of great food for thought:

He felt that there is a loose balance of good and evil, and that the art of living consists in getting the greatest good out of the greatest evil.

-Machado de Assis

The note from Goodreads: The Brazilian poet and author of Dom Casmurro was born on this day in 1839.

Interesting, huh? Do you agree with Machado de Assis? Have you had some great evil that you had to create some good from?


I also liked today’s (Friday) quote:

In order to rise
From its own ashes
A phoenix

-Octavia E. Butler


The Most Mundane Day of the Year AKA Change Your Password Day

This article was originally published by Gizmodo, but I loved it so much that I wanted to share it with you all. It is one of the funniest articles I’ve ever read about an immensely boring (and extremely obnoxious) subject: changing your password.

February 1 Is Change Your Password Day

If you are like me—and of course you are, right? we are all gingers inside—you probably have password security that ranges from awful-like-Batman-Forever to thoroughly mediocre.

Also if you are like me, you might’ve bought shoes from Zappos once—Keen Coronados in India In/Black Olive, to be precise—and been informed that some jerk might’ve stolen your password. Which, in my case, means they’ve got one of a series of root passwords that could potentially access one of my other accounts. And, boy, I’ve got a lot of accounts, I realized as I was counting up all the password changes I needed to make. And then, a nanosecond later came the realization that this is going to keep happening, every year, every month, maybe every week. It’s already happened a bunch—a hearty wave to you PSN players and Senatorial Twitter users—so it’s time to get a password managerand give every account a unique, hard-to-crack password.

Anyways, I thought it would be a good idea if we all changed our passwords together. Like positive peer pressure, ’cause it’s pretty goddamn annoying. Sooner is better than later, so I was thinking maybe we should all change our passwords on February 1. I’m not very creative, so I’ve decided to just call it “Change Your Password Day.” Look for some password-y pieces over the next few days leading up to it.

Change Your Password Day is February 1 and we hope you’ll join us in the most boring—but safest!—celebration ever.

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